• Thursday 7:30-8:50 am

    Registration, Continental Breakfast, Exhibitor's Displays

  • Thursday 9:00-11:30 am

    Welcome and Keynote Address

    Intergenerational Trauma and Resilience

    Some populations display complex social patterns that are the result of history.  Indigenous youth display intergenerational trauma but usually receive symptom treatment.  The Circle of Courage and Model of Leadership and Service transform the foundation conditions for Indigenous or any other youth.

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  • Thursday 11:30 am-1:00 pm

    Lunch Break

  • Thursday 1:00-4:00 pm

    Thursday Afternoon Sessions

    F6 US vs THEM: Valuable lessons on past & present Oppression

    LIMIT 40 FOCUS K-12 FORMAT 30% Lecture 40% Interactive 30% Hands-On

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    T01 A (T1) Creating a Positive Youth Culture

    LIMIT 200 FOCUS K-12 FORMAT 80% Lecture 20% Interactive

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    T02 Core Competencies in Alternate Programs Offered multiple times

    LIMIT 50 FOCUS K-12 FORMAT 50% Lecture 50% Interactive

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    T03 Engage High Risk Students And Reduce High School Drop Out

    LIMIT 81 FOCUS 6-12 FORMAT 80% Lecture 20% Interactive

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    T04 Coping With Anxiety Using The MindShift App

    LIMIT 50 FOCUS 6-12 FORMAT 50% Lecture 30% Interactive 20% Hands-On

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    T05 Escorted to Court

    LIMIT 30 FOCUS 6-12 FORMAT 10% Lecture 40% Interactive 50% Hands-On

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    T06 Working with Homeless and At-Risk Youth

    LIMIT 40 FOCUS 6-12 FORMAT 70% Lecture 20% Interactive 10% Hands-On

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    T07 Intro to Dance Pow Wow and Healing with Nutrition

    LIMIT 24 FOCUS K-12 FORMAT 10% Lecture 90% Hands-On

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    T08 Ethnobotany Walk

    LIMIT 30 FOCUS K-12 FORMAT 60% Lecture 40% Interactive

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    T09 Bully Back Off!

    LIMIT 60 FOCUS K-12 FORMAT 40% Lecture 50% Interactive 10% Hands-On

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    T10 Potpourri Alternate Style Offered multiple times

    LIMIT 999 FOCUS K-12 FORMAT 100% Hands-On

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  • Thursday 5:00-7:00 pm

    The Schmooze!

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